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A catalog on the market like no other.

Online catalogue

Online consultation option through TecDoc.

Printed catalogue

Printed catalogue, organized and structured in an intuitive way, very easy to use due to the level of detail in the information provided and great speed in locating the required parts, 1,580 pages in a single book, to be permanently placed on the counter of any spare parts dealer.

PDF Catalogue

The same book but in a PDF file easily navigated using an index and search tools.

Our catalogue is distinctive through its ease of use and for the extensiveness and precision of its range of products.

It has more than 7,800 references, including the complete development of new ranges rarely seen in the sector until now. en el sector. new ranges rarely seen in the sector until now. Additionally, more than 1.400 diagrams provide a useful tool in navigating through the various products and enabling the locating and identifying of parts.